We are a design-driven Creative Consultancy 

& Think Tank, enabling legal innovation processes. 

#COVID-19    We offer remote consulting & digital workshops.


We help you understand

your challenges

from a user perspective

& develop innovative legal solutions.


We activate your team

to engage in a

human-centered, iterative & creative approach to legal innovation.


We create new versions

of your legal documents, making them more readable,

effective & digital.


We provide  insights

into Legal Design

practice & research in interactive keynotes.

The Legal Design Issue

Prof. Dr. Stephan Breidenbach & our Co-founder Lina Krawietz have designed an entire magazine on the subject of #LegalDesign for the current issue of REthinking Law published by Handelsblatt Verlag.


They have placed great emphasis on illuminating this versatile innovation approach from as many different angles as possible.


In addition to exciting case studies by Baker McKenzie & Airbus Defence and Space, you will also find articles on the opportunities of Legal Design & Legal Design Thinking within #LegalTech projects #PolicyDesign, #DigitalHealthinnovation, #NoCoding, #LowCoding, and more.

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