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© 2019 – This is Legal Design

We are a design-driven Creative Consultancy & global Think Tank, enabling legal innovation processes. 


We are convinced that empathy is key for designing desirable and sustainable legal products,  services and environments.


We enable & train creativity as an ability to develop something new  – again and again.


We constantly test and iterate what methodologies work best for successful legal innovation in our rapidly changing & technologically evolving world.

"The growing complexity of the world requires a multidimensional approach that attempts to deal with the most diverse aspects of reality."


– Mikhail Antonov

Professor for Legal Theory



We enable our participants to leverage new innovation approaches, understand their users & come up with legal solutions never before imagined.


We help our clients define their business challenges, align stakeholder interests & design holistic strategies for their innovation enterprises in the legal industry.  


We provide insights into principles & methodologies driving legal innovation. We present our latest research & share practical experience.


We offer individual trainings, qualifying future Legal Designers for guiding legal innovation processes. 


We value the power of diversity & collaboration. We are open for partnerships with players from all industries.